Thank you so much for putting up with me and my kiddo, I will be forever grateful that you’re one bad ass attorney.
— Client who had a First degree felony heroin case dismissed and a 3rd degree felony methamphetamine case dismissed.

Positively Brilliant. Once again we required the services of Ms. Kolski, and once again we were rewarded with a favorable outcome. We are so fortunate to have this woman on our side. She absolutely knows the law. She is courteous, professional, demure, and turns into a pit bull when necessary.
— Mother of 2 sons who were successfully exonerated for weapons charges, and sexual assault of a child.

I was facing 25 years to life for the Habitual criminal charge. You got them down to a burglary of a motor vehicle misdemeanor. I ended up doing 95 days and got out November 27th!.. I have a great job in sales lined up for me and should be on my feet in a matter of months....you saved my life. I wrote you and told you I would name my firstborn son Andy or Andrea for a girl after you. That could be a long way down the road but I will stay true to my promise!....just wanted to fill you in on what I was doing and what a positive impact you had on my life...Thank you from the bottom of my heart!
— Client charged with Felony Burglary of a Habitation with 2 prior felony convictions whose case was reduced to a misdemeanor.

Want to express our gratitude and thanks for both the work you so successfully did on Client’s behalf and for the support and encouragement you gave our family. You helped in so many ways that made the difference…you gave us hope that the legal situation while extremely serious could potentially turn out as it eventually did….We also know that he has a second chance which would not have been made possible without your help and professional work. You are a wonderful attorney but just as and maybe more importantly, you are a great person.
— Father of client who was charged with Possession of Marijuana and 2nd degree Possession of A Controlled Substance whose cases were both successfully dismissed.