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8 Questions to Ask When Hiring A Montgomery County Drug Lawyer

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On average, every 25 seconds, someone is arrested for drug possession in the US. This statistic has grown steadily, and today one-fifth of the incarcerated population is now there on drug charges. The best way to avoid becoming another sad statistic is to get the best legal help right away. When it comes to beating drug charges, what’s the best way to find the best drug lawyer for your case?

Using a smart vetting process for potential Montgomery county drug lawyers can help narrow down your decision. Read on as we give some essential questions to ask a drug lawyer in Montgomery County.

1. How Long Have You Been Practicing?

You can get a great criminal lawyer who does not have any experience. However, it is unlikely they will know the intricacies of criminal defense. They may also lack personal knowledge regarding how to talk to a judge and jury if the case does go to trial.

Ask how long the lawyer has specialized in criminal defense. If they work with many different types of law, they may lack experience in your field despite having operated for a long period of time. One or two specialist areas is the ideal number.

2. How Do You Charge?

There are three ways a drug possession attorney can charge. These are an all-inclusive flat fee, by the hour, or a hybrid of both. You need to know how they charge to decide if you can afford their fees.

An inclusive flat rate gives you a much better understanding of the final cost. It will be one sum from beginning to closure, regardless of if the case runs on or ends quickly.

A flat rate can also give the lawyer incentive to get the best result for your case in the fastest amount of time.

With an hourly fee, the costs could spiral without you even knowing. Make sure you ask to see samples of billing to ensure it is transparent and all time is accounted for properly. Of course, you could always end up paying less in this situation.

A hybrid approach is a mix of both. A lawyer may charge a flat fee for the services, then charge hourly if it goes to trial. Neither of the above methods is bad or better; they just suit people differently.

3. Who Will Be Handling My Case?

Generally, the larger the company, the more people will be involved in your case. There may be different attorneys, paralegals, and interns all looking at it at any one time.

On one hand, you have a lot of trained people working for you. On the other, communication can often get lost in these large firms. Information may get missed from person to person.

To avoid this, choose a smaller local drug possession lawyer in the Montgomery County area. You will build a relationship with the person building your case, increasing trust and communication.

4. How Often Do You Go to Trial and What Is Your Trial Experience?

A drug possession attorney may settle the case with a plea bargain and avoid going to court. This is logical, as court cases will cost more money and time. However, this can not always be done, and in some instances, the courtroom is where the case may be headed.

If your case is complicated and it could have a chance of going to court, you need experience. Ask which court cases the lawyer has done in the past, how they prepared, and what they think the likelihood of going to court is. Standing in front of a judge and jury and arguing a case needs a very specific skill set.

5. Do I Owe Any Other Fees?

Once you know how the criminal lawyer charges, you need to check that you don’t owe other fees. Filing complaints, motions, and briefs all cost a lot, and you need to know if these are in the price given or not. If you need experts to testify on your behalf, then the fee will increase even further.

All of this helps you get a picture of the final cost. Don’t leave it until the last minute to ask this either. You could be wasting your time and the lawyers if the pricing is not suited to you.

If you can afford it in one go, speak with the criminal defense lawyer. They may offer payment plans or have ways to bring the cost down.

6. How Is Their Standing With the State Bar?

Anyone can go to the state bar website and check on a lawyer. This will tell you any issues they may have had, such as sanctions, complaints, and rebukes. Don’t write the attorney off if they have these, but give them chance to explain their side of the story and make a decision after this.

7. How Do You Communicate?

Communication is important because some people will have very different ideas about getting in touch with their lawyers. You may be imagining a 24-hour direct telephone line to your attorney. On the other hand, they may operate by sending you an email once a week to discuss progress.

First, establish how you contact them. Is it best via email or phone? What is their reply turnaround time is to your queries?

After this, discuss how often you will be updated on the case. You could request a weekly or fortnightly update just to put your mind at rest. The last thing you want is a bill from an attorney you have never heard from.

8. What Are My Obligations?

When the criminal defense lawyer takes your case, you will need to provide them with certain information. These may be documents or accounts that can build a case.

It is important that you are honest with your lawyer. If you have prior convictions or have been charged for the same offense in the past, let them know. This makes it much easier for them to build a case that will get the best result for you.

Montgomery County Drug Lawyer

Finding the best lawyer involves talking and vetting your potential defense. Don’t feel intimidated or threatened. It is you that will be paying the fee and serving any sentences should it not go to plan.

Non-Stop Justice should be your first option when looking for a criminal defense lawyer in Montgomery. Dealing with criminal and family law, we have the experience and knowledge to build your case. Contact us here to discuss your needs and let us get justice for you, starting today.

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