Andrea M. Kolski is a criminal defense attorney located in The Woodlands and Brazos County, Texas. Andrea has over 24 years of experience and has successfully defended clients facing a wide range of criminal charges. Whatever the circumstances, clients know that Andrea GETS RESULTS.

Andrea and the team at dedicate themselves to representing every client with the highest level of integrity and skill. Andrea’s client reviews reflect her tireless dedication to helping clients in need and guiding them through the toughest of times.

After receiving her Psychology degree from Wake Forest University, Andrea attended Law School at the University of Texas at Austin. Upon graduating from Law School, Andrea was among a select group chosen by the Harris County District Attorney to work as prosecutor for the 5th largest city in the United States, Houston, Texas.

“A Pitbull in the Courtroom” – Client Review for Attorney Andrea M. Kolski

In her coveted position as Texas Assistant District Attorney, Andrea was responsible for prosecuting defendants for the State of Texas and was recognized by opponents and peers alike as a fierce, intelligent, and compassionate litigator. During her 6 years as Assistant DA, Andrea successfully navigated a heavy workload of cases including homicide, sexual assault, DWI, drug possession, violence, and juvenile prosecutions. In a city of 2.3 million, Houston’s court system is among the nation’s busiest and most complex. Andrea quickly earned a reputation as a hard-working and dedicated proponent of the law.

During her 6 years working as a dedicated prosecutor, Andrea was exposed to the many shortcomings of the justice system. Of particular concern was the volume of work placed upon prosecutors who were under intense pressure to settle cases. Beyond the volume of cases, Andrea was disturbed by the many lackluster defense attorneys she saw representing defendants facing serious charges.

Rather than lose faith in a flawed system, Andrea set out to make a difference. It was then she decided to use her skills to defend the accused rather than become just another cog in a strained court system.

Andrea knew that making a difference in the world meant charting her own course as a dedicated Texas criminal defense attorney. In 2006, after 6 successful years, Andrea transitioned from the Harris (Houston) county District Attorney’s office and began fighting for the rights of the accused.

In the 15+ years since, Andrea has fought the toughest cases in the toughest Texas courtrooms. Andrea has fought and won countless cases for clients in the most difficult situations. She has used her unique skill and experience to secure victories for clients arrested for DWI, sex crimes, family violence crimes, intoxication offenses, juvenile offenses, drug possession, and other crimes.

Beyond her courtroom skill, Andrea has earned the recognition of her peers and numerous awards including The National Top 100 Criminal Defense Attorneys, National Top 100 Trial Lawyers, AVVO 5-Star Rating, and Justia AVVO’s Client Choice Awards.

Andrea is respected by her fellow criminal defense attorneys and was honored to serve as President of The Montgomery County Criminal Defense Lawyers Association.

As a fervent believer in the Constitution and warrior for justice, Andrea has represented countless clients facing the most serious of charges. She has the rare combination of skill, experience, and compassion that can make all the difference for those facing criminal charges.

Andrea and the legal team at Nonstopjustice understand the stress and anxiety that can weigh on anyone accused of a crime. Navigating the justice system can be a grueling ordeal and has the potential to destroy lives. As a mother, Andrea also understands that families of the accused can experience many of these same anxieties and worries.

Andrea works to put clients and families at ease throughout the legal process by carefully explaining procedures and what to expect. Clients breathe easier knowing they are in capable, experienced hands.

For 24+ years Andrea has navigated the tough Texas criminal justice system from both sides of the bench. Few criminal defense attorneys possess Andrea’s skill and many seek her insight to help with difficult cases.

Andrea has been called a “pitbull in the courtroom” by both clients and colleagues for her tenacious pursuit of justice on behalf of her clients. Her client advocacy extends outside of the courtroom as well. Andrea has defended many high profile cases which have drawn both local and national media attention. When TV cameras appear, Andrea is a skilled presenter who insures that her clients reputation and privacy are respected.

As host of the “Justice is Blonde” radio/TV show, Andrea is committed to enlightening the community on various legal topics and justice related issues.

For over 24 years, Andrea has fought for the rights of the accused in some of the most dire circumstances. She has prevailed against incredible odds in the toughest of cases. Regardless of your situation, Andrea will fight for you.

Andrea Kolski is a mother, business owner, and proud Texan who wholeheartedly believes in the sanctity of our Constitutional rights. Nonstopjustice isn’t just a catchy name, it represents Andrea’s dedication to the law and tireless defense of the rights of the accused.

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