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What Can a Criminal Defense Attorney Do For You?

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You’ve probably heard the saying that someone who represents themself in court has a fool for a client. While harsh, there’s some truth there too. The average person is underqualified to serve as their own attorney.

If you’ve been accused of a crime, you’re going to want to hire a criminal defense attorney. Today we’ll discuss why that is and what such an attorney can do for you.

The Courts are Not Always Fair

The tragedy of the American legal system is that is not always fair. Innocent people sometimes go to prison and criminals sometimes run free.

Each year, millions of Americans try to represent themselves in court. It often does not go as planned. In fact, there is evidence that, in representing themselves, the courts sometimes reject what otherwise would be reasonable lawsuits and legal claims.

There’s a discussion to be had about what changes should be made to our legal system but, for now, you live under the system you live under. In this current legal environment, you may receive unfair treatment, regardless of the merits of your case, if you are not represented by a criminal defense lawyer.

At the very least, you should request a public defender if you truly cannot afford a lawyer. While these attorneys are often overworked and underpaid, they’re better than representing yourself. However, because of their often huge caseloads and inability to focus on an individual case too much, we still recommend trying to hire your own attorney if you are able.

You Likely Aren’t a Legal Expert

If you’re reading this article, the odds are that you aren’t a legal expert. While there is something of an ongoing debate about whether lawyers can actually reasonably serve as their own defenses in court, that debate centers on the fact that many know the system well enough to navigate it without major issues.

The fact is that our legal system is complex. While some exceptions to the more arcane rules are allowed for pro se litigants (people representing themselves in court), the odds are still high that you will make mistakes. In the wrong circumstances, a mistake could mean important evidence can’t be used or even all but guarantee your conviction.

A competent criminal defense attorney will know the relevant law inside and out. On top of that, they can also prepare you to navigate that same system.

Defending against criminal charges is difficult enough with a lawyer. Considering the often serious consequences should you be convicted, you’ll want every advantage you can have.

A Criminal Defense Attorney’s Job is Time Consuming

If you’re debating whether you need a lawyer, the odds are that you’re worried about the potential expense. While this is understandable, consider this: How much time will it take to properly prepare for this case? And what are the consequences if you lose?

If you intend to win a case by representing yourself, you’re going to want to understand as much of the relevant law as possible. Not only that but, unlike a lawyer, most people haven’t studied any of the applicable material beforehand.

This means winning your case, unless you’re leaving it to luck, is going to mean hours of reading up on relevant law, cases similar to yours, basic court procedure, and more. You’re also going to need to understand this material, which may mean reading a lot of this material multiple times.

Adding this workload on top of taking care of children or working a full-time job may not be viable, even ignoring all the other reasons we’ve given that representing yourself may not be a good idea.

Your Personal Involvement May Do More Harm Than Good

You are personally invested in the outcome of your case. A conviction could mean a significant fine, time in jail, or may even make you a felon, depending on the charges. It may seem logical that you will therefore also be more motivated to win your case than an attorney would be.

On some level, this may even be true. Unless maybe your lawyer is a friend or family member, they will on some level be detached from the case’s outcome. However, any competent professional will still do their best to represent you (and in fact are obligated by the American Bar Association to do so if they accept your case).

What bears mentioning is that a level of professional detachment, where a lawyer does their best to win your case without getting emotionally attached, is good. Emotions lead to mistakes; you want a defense that is constructed calmly, based in the law and on known successful strategies, in order to have the best chance of winning your case.

If you’re worried about a lawyer’s ability to win your case, look for positive testimonials. A well-reviewed lawyer generally means a lawyer who you can trust to represent you with both talent and genuine effort.

Many people’s reaction to being charged with a crime is anxiety, maybe even panic. If you’ve ever tried to operate under those conditions, you should understand why you don’t want a defense who is feeling those same strong emotions.

Need a Criminal Defense Lawyer? Consider Andrea M. Kolski

If you’re looking for a criminal defense attorney in Montgomery County, Texas, we hope you’ll consider Andrea M. Kolski. Experienced in criminal law (as well as several other fields), she can serve you well just as she’s served numerous other clients.

Whatever your decision, remember that the odds are not in your favor if you decide to defend yourself in court. The legal system is a difficult beast to navigate and is unkind to newcomers. Contact us today about hiring Andrea and we can discuss your case and potential options, free of charge.

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