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How to Deal With the Aftermath of a False Domestic Abuse Charge

The Law Firm of Andrea M. Kolski

Because one in every four women and one in every nine men will experience intimate partner violence at some point in their lives, each and every allegation is taken incredibly seriously.

While this is generally a positive thing in the criminal justice system, it can be stressful, painful, humiliating, and emotionally damaging to be accused of domestic violence and have to go through this process if you’re being wrongly accused.

If you’ve been wrongfully accused of domestic abuse, we are sincerely sorry that this is happening to you. However, you’re not alone in combatting these charges- the law is on your side in cases like yours where innocence is truth.

Read on to learn how to handle false allegations of domestic abuse and get some tips on how to fight against these charges effectively.

Stay Calm

Each year, 700,000 Americans are wrongfully prosecuted for domestic abuse. While it’s easy to panic when you become part of this statistic, it’s important to remember that you aren’t alone. Other people have been wrongly accused before, and 0 attorneys make it their business to prosecute the wrongfully accused parties regularly.

Take a deep breath when you hear of the allegations and remember that you’re innocent until proven guilty. If you aren’t guilty, you almost certainly won’t be convicted after a trial. It’s all a matter of time, and the law is on your side.

Not only is panicking bad for your emotional health, but it can make you appear unhinged in the eyes of professionals and potential witnesses alike. Keeping your cool and remaining level-headed shows that you don’t have the temper that your accuser has said that you do and makes you a more sympathetic person.

Consult With a Lawyer

The next thing you’ll need to do is find and consult with a lawyer. More likely than not, you only have a very rudimentary knowledge of the domestic violence laws in Texas (if any). Lawyers have been studying this for their entire lives, and our professionals are among the most knowledgeable in the entire US.

Your lawyer can help you figure out what constitutes domestic violence. If you didn’t raise so much as your voice and your accuser is simply lying, your lawyer can help you deal with that. If you yelled at your partner or made them feel verbally threatened, there’s some gray area as to whether or not it constitutes domestic violence. Your lawyer will be able to help with that, too.

No matter what, an attorney is essential to compiling evidence and assembling witnesses. These professionals can help you figure out what will best hold up in a court of law and prep you for various possibilities in the courtroom.

Start Collecting Evidence

After talking with your lawyer, you’re going to want to begin compiling evidence so that you can combat any accusations that your accuser may throw at you.

Generally, there are two types of evidence: physical and circumstantial. Physical evidence is more compelling, but it’s also more difficult to obtain. To prove that your accuser is lying, you’ll need to find a text, email, or another form of writing in which he or she threatens to wrongfully accuse you. Flashing this in front of a jury is a pretty surefire way to win your case.

Circumstantial evidence is easier to obtain. This is evidence that simply comes together to point in the direction that your accuser is lying. Texts and emails written by your accuser are great evidence, especially if you can put together a pattern of their routinely lying.

Assemble Witnesses

If there was an event that led directly to the accusations being made (e.g. a specific argument), you can recruit friends, family, and neighbors that may have heard or heard of the dispute. If these people tell the truth and state that it was just a little spat, you’ll have a greater chance of winning. Everyone argues with their partner sometimes, after all- it’s relatable.

If the false accusation was made out of the blue, character witnesses are going to be invaluable to you. Assemble people who will vouch that you are a nonviolent individual and that you’ve never hurt your partner before.

You should also assemble people who will vouch that your partner has a pattern of lying about things and slandering others. Friends that they’ve had a falling out with or even exes may be a good place for you and your attorney to start looking.

Keep Your Composure

No matter what happens, you need to keep your composure in the courtroom. While feeling angry and hurt is a natural reaction to being accused of terrible things and slandered in front of a courtroom, blowing up and becoming angry only will serve to make you look hysterical to a judge and jury.

Keep your voice level and keep to the facts. Remember that the truth is on your side and the justice system exists to get to the bottom of that truth. So does your attorney.

Hire a Domestic Abuse Lawyer

Being wrongfully accused of intimate partner violence is jarring and damaging. That’s why we’re here to help you prove your innocence and ensure that the justice system doesn’t fail you.

Now that you know how to deal with false allegations of domestic abuse, it’s time to get started with defending yourself in a court of law.

Click here to contact our professional attorneys and begin consulting with them. Together, we can come up with effective ways to take the next steps in your lawsuit.

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