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How to Beat A False Sex Crime Charge

The Law Firm of Andrea M. Kolski

Have you found yourself falsely accused of a sex crime? That’s terrible, but together we can resolve this inconvenience.

Sex crime accusations are quite common, especially within the family, though strangers still receive their fair share.

In any case, this article will address why you were accused, what to do, and what not to do. Keep reading to learn more.

Falsely Accused, But Why?

The real reason behind why you were falsely accused of a sex crime can vary greatly depending on the circumstances of your case.

It might be very difficult to imagine why would someone go to such lengths as to accuse you of a sex crime when you-yourself know that you have not committed such indecencies. But you would be surprised as to why some people do such things.

Here are some of them.


An accuser might be ashamed of having a sexual relationship with you in the past, and therefore blames you as a sexual predator, even when that never occurred. In particular, young girls may want to deny sexual activity by claiming that it was forced.

People caught in an affair might also resort to this notion of forceful sexual activity, even though they were completely willing and consented prior to and during the act.

False Identification

In some cases, the accuser might have mistaken you for another person who did commit sexual assault, rape, or any other type of sex crime against them. This is a common occurrence in cases where intoxication is prevalent.


An accuser might have some sort of grudge against you based on the merits of your relationship with no connection to sexual activity. One of the ways they think they can exact revenge upon you is to note your guilt of a sex crime.

Ulterior Motive

In some cases, a stepchild or child might not want you in the house. They could note that you are guilty of a sex crime, which would get you out of the house.

In premise, your defense attorney is capable of countering all claims of a sex crime by showing the insufficiency of evidence to convict beyond a reasonable doubt. Or they could show that sexual assault was actually sex consent.

What to Do If You’ve Been Falsely Accused?

First and foremost, if you’ve been charged with a sex crime, you must communicate with an experienced sex crime defense attorney as soon as possible.

Getting the services of a lawyer does not mean you are guilty. If anything, engaging an experienced attorney shows that you mean business and that you intend to fully protect your rights against the false allegations.

Your lawyer will examine the charge and identify if it’s vulnerable to scrutiny. If the story has inconsistencies, that’s good. Or if the evidence is minimal, such as “she said, he said”, that’s good too.

If the sex charge has been based on incorrect information or a false accusation, your lawyer will find compelling ways to refute the charge.

By doing so, the attorney can get the charge dismissed in its entirety. You might never even have to go to court. Thus, consulting with a skilled attorney is critical, and you should do so immediately.

Hire Attorney with Experience

You will only get a single chance to defend against these charges, and you do not want to give that chance to an attorney who has no idea what to do. An attorney should have direct experience with these kinds of charges, both prior-to and in-trial.

Do Not Speak About the Case With Anyone Else

There is nothing to gain by defending your reputation on your own, especially by aiding police investigation or confronting the accused. Even if you have done nothing, there are severe risks to speaking without an attorney present.

Don’t Wait

If your charges came in like a wrecking ball, that’s ok—an attorney will still help you. But if you think that you are under investigation or someone has accused in the darkness of the night, don’t wait for the charges to get filed. The sooner you start working with an attorney, the better. This will provide ample time to pursue dismissal, gather evidence, prepare, and negotiate a plea.

What Should You Not Do When Falsely Accused?

There are some things that you should entirely avoid doing, especially when facing a falsified sex crime charge. And these things are:

Confronting Accuser

Speaking to your accuser is a risk you don’t want to take. If you are noted to be accosting your accuser in a threatening manner, it can be used against you. Contact will only make things worse.

Representing Yourself

You should never represent yourself in legal proceedings. You don’t have the experience to understand the significance and complexities of the sex crime legal process. So make sure to hire someone appropriate for the job.

Aiding the Police

Do not make statements with the police about the crime. Law enforcement might coerce you into saying things that they know they can use against you in court. Don’t give them evidence to use against you. Plead the fifth, and consult with an attorney.

Social Media

You are upset, but it’s no reason to vent frustration on social media. Do not speak about this charge with anyone, especially on social media. As prosecutors might look for a way to use this information against you.

Sex Crime Defense Lawyer for You

Now that you know about defending against a falsified sex crime charge, you are well on your way to removing this stain from your reputation and record. If you don’t know where to look for the right lawyer, you don’t need to.

If you’re interested in our legal defense services, get in touch with us and we will happily accommodate your needs.

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