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Understand The Costs When Hiring A Drug Possession Lawyer

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When facing drug possession charges, many people fail to realize the value of hiring a drug possession lawyer until it’s too late. With the highest conviction rates in the nation, Texas courts are notoriously tough for anyone facing charges. Texas law enforcement aggressively pursues drug crimes and the punishments can be devastating if convicted.

When facing drug possession charges, an experienced criminal defense attorney is often the best choice to protect your freedom and your future.

For those not familiar with the Texas criminal justice system, defending against drug related charges is an uphill battle. Losing that battle may mean incarceration, costly penalties, and a lifetime of damage. Investing in an experienced and skilled drug possession attorney to represent you could make all the difference in your case and your future. But that experience won’t come cheap and since there is so much on the line, it’s important to understand the costs involved when hiring a criminal defense attorney.

Like other professions, not all attorneys are alike and the payment structure for attorneys varies as well. In order to make an informed decision, knowing how an attorney will be paid is critical. There are several factors involved such as the complexity of the case, ones’ criminal history, the attorneys experience, additional fees, etc.

Like other professions, in the legal world “you get what you pay for”. If you want a highly skilled, highly experienced lawyer on your side, it will cost you. However, more expensive doesn’t necessarily mean better for your case. There are other things to consider. So if you want a better understanding of the costs of hiring a drug possession lawyer- you’re in the right place. Just keep reading.

Why Hire a Criminal Defense Attorney?

Texas prisons are filled with people who thought they could “beat” the Texas legal system. There are unfortunately many innocent people in those same prisons who assumed the system would work for them. Sadly, many of those people behind bars learned the value of a great criminal defense attorney too late.

The phrase “Don’t Mess With Texas” is very appropriate when it comes to the Texas court system. Texas has some of the highest conviction and incarceration rates in the US. It’s not a place where one can expect to prevail simply because they feel they are innocent. Texas prisons are filled with folks who thought they could “beat the system”.

Representing yourself is never recommended and even seasoned lawyers know to hire an attorney if they are facing legal issues. The Texas criminal justice system is complex and confusing for those unfamiliar with its workings. Hiring an experienced criminal defense attorney is a smart move for anyone who wants the best shot at winning their day in court. Put simply, the role of a criminal defense attorney is to represent the defendant , who has been accused of a certain crime or already have been charged with a criminal offense.

When representing an accused person, a criminal defense attorney is responsible for making sure that the defendant has all of their rights protected, in accordance with the law and constitutional implications within the criminal code.

They also dedicate themselves to helping the accused achieve the best possible outcome with the case based on the evidence and the related charges. .

Below are the main factors that impact the cost and what to consider when finding the best criminal defense attorney for your situation.


To put it simply, the more serious the charges, the more work for an attorney and other experts that may help the defendant. This will mean higher legal costs as well. Usually there are two factors when it comes to criminal defense cases – the complexity of the case and seriousness of the charges.

Felonies often require a greater investment of time and concentrated effort, rather than a misdemeanor or domestic law case. Therefore, the legal fees are likely to be higher.

The more time one spends in pre-trial, the more time is spent appearing in court and negotiating, and any additional factors such as review of evidence. This can be very time consuming and will also be factored into the attorneys fee structure.

There are many strategies an attorney may take to build a strong case. They may look to investigators, doctors, or accountants to assist in the defense. It may also involve testimony from witnesses who will need to be found, interviewed, and researched. This will incur additional costs but could also make all the difference in a case..

Defendants Criminal History (If Applicable)

The cost of representation is also impacted by one’s criminal history. The more legal trouble someone has had in the past, the more the lawyer will have to work to make sure that those issues from your past don’t impact your current predicament.

Flat Fee vs Hourly Billing

Civil and family law attorneys often bill by the hour of work done on a case. It’s common for those attorneys to request a portion of the expected total cost upfront as a retainer. As they work on a case, they track the hours and will deduct it from the amount in the retainer. If they work more hours and exceed the amount in the retainer, they will likely require additional funds to proceed.

Experienced criminal lawyers will usually evaluate a case and have a good idea of the potential costs. Because of this, experienced criminal defense attorneys are able to quote a flat fee for their services. They will often review the case with the client and then quote a price to represent them in the matter. This is a good thing for the client because it gives the lawyer an incentive to get the best possible outcome with the least amount of work and time. This can mean a quick resolution to a case and no further unexpected costs.

Flat fees also allow clients to financially plan without any surprises. They don’t have to worry about hidden costs or running out of a retainer in the midst of a case. Everything is upfront and clear from the beginning. On rare occasions, an attorney may include a provision if the case goes to trial. In those instances, it should be clearly indicated in the contract.

Legal problems, especially drug related charges, can devastate one’s career, personal life, and future. There are few things more serious than facing drug related charges in Texas. So, fighting those charges will require skill, experience, and expertise. These things are not cheap- but when compared to the potential consequences of a conviction, experienced criminal defense is a bargain. Ask yourself this, what’s your future worth to you?

If you’re talking to an experienced criminal defense attorney, they will have a very good idea what costs are involved and what it will take to do the best job for you. You’re paying for quality representation and piece of mind- your freedom may depend on it.

If you encounter a criminal defense attorney who bills by the hour or has a hard time explaining their flat fee costs, you may want to look elsewhere. The best criminal defense attorneys can quote a fee very quickly and have no trouble explaining what will be involved with your case.

Meeting With a Criminal Defense Attorney

Before you have your first meeting, it’s best to understand what’s at stake and what punishments you face if convicted. Consider what a conviction will do to your future and how it could impact you and your family. Once you have a good understanding of what a conviction would do to your life, you’re better prepared to meet with an attorney and see how they can help you avoid a worst-case scenario. Here are a few questions to ask when meeting with a criminal defense attorney:

  1. Do they have experience representing clients with similar cases?
  2. Will they be the one working your case or will they hand it off to someone else?
  3. Are they familiar with the court and/or judge in your case?
  4. Do they have a strategy for your case?

To make the most of your time and get the best insight, be sure to bring these:

  1. Court paperwork detailing the charges against you, and future appearances.
  2. Bail papers.
  3. Police reports.
  4. Other paperwork that is pertinent to the case.

Your meeting with a criminal defense attorney is confidential. Therefore, It’s important to be completely honest and forthcoming with any lawyer you decide to meet. Depending on the type of criminal case, such as felony or a federal or state proceeding, the attorney may need to process quite a lot of information to give you the most accurate quote.

They will may ask if there is anyone else connected to the case such as victims, witnesses, other defendants. They need to make sure that they have not represented anyone else in order to avoid a potential conflict of interest.


Once you’ve decided to meet, prepare to answer any and all questions the attorney may ask. Depending on the type of case, they may require a little or a lot of information.

Respond honestly, and ask for explanations if you need them. Your meeting is likely confidential, so don’t be afraid that disclosing information to your lawyer when they ask.

After a while, it will be your turn to ask the questions.

You want to know about their previous experience with similar cases, if they know the prosecuting attorney and how they operate, are they familiar with the judge, etc.

What’s their experience. How long have they practiced criminal law. Do they have any experience on the state side as a prosecutor or assistant district attorney.

The better reputation your lawyer has with the court, the better off you will be. If you have any sort of special request, make it known during the first meeting.

Will they be the lawyer handling your case from start to finish. Who are the other specialists that may be required such as investigators.

How will you communicate with them. How long do they think the case will last.


While every citizen has a right to a defense, the Constitution doesn’t guarantee the quality of that defense. So, hiring an experienced criminal defense attorney is the best way to insure your rights are protected and they have your best interest at heart. Like any other industry, if you want the best, you’ll likely need to pay more. Experience and expertise don’t come cheap, so expect to pay a reasonable amount for a quality criminal defense attorney.

The ultimate cost of hiring an attorney will depend on several factors including the complexity of your case, the charges you face, any prior criminal history, the lawyers criminal defense experience, and any potential specialists that may be needed to help your defense.

When considering a criminal defense attorney, keep in mind that the cost depends on many factors but your freedom is priceless. A great criminal defense attorney may be the best protection of that priceless commodity.

If you’d like to discuss your case with a top criminal defense attorney in Montgomery County, Texas, contact us today for a free consultation. We have proudly defended clients for over 20 years with countless victories. Your freedom is our top priority.

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