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The Benefits of Hiring a Juvenile Criminal Lawyer

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Has your child gotten in trouble with the law? No parent wants to see their child get arrested. The reality is that some children make bad decisions that land them in trouble. In a single year, about 2.1 million youth are arrested in the U. S.

Children have rights, too, so if your child is in trouble, you want to clear their name. It’s a good idea to hire a juvenile criminal lawyer. This type of lawyer will help to fight your child’s charges in juvenile court.

Read this article to learn about the benefits of hiring a juvenile criminal lawyer.

1. Reviewing Child’s Rights During Arrest

One of the first things the juvenile criminal lawyer will do is to review your child’s arrest. The lawyer wants to determine if your child’s rights were not violated during the arrest.

At the time of the arrest, the situation may be chaotic. There may be a chance that law enforcement didn’t meet all requirements. Children may not know their rights, so their incarceration may be unlawful.

The lawyer will determine if the Miranda rights were read during the arrest. Yes, even Miranda rights apply to minors. Part of this includes being informed of the right to have an attorney and guardian present during questioning.

The lawyer will find out if the minor wasn’t informed of their right to avoid self-incrimination. Also, on the lawyer’s list is to determine if the police did an illegal search and seizure of evidence.

If there was a violation of the minor’s rights, the lawyer can seek to dismiss the charges. In this case, certain evidence can be inadmissible in court.

2. Increase Chances of Winning the Case

A juvenile criminal lawyer knows the ins and outs of the legal system. This type of lawyer will offer the child essential guidance through the process. A minor without adequate defense doesn’t stand a good chance in the court.

A juvenile criminal lawyer will go over the details of the minor’s case to establish the best course of action to win the case. One of the goals is to present the minor in a positive light. This helps to make a significant difference in the way the court makes decisions.

The best juvenile criminal lawyer will know how to negotiate on the minor’s behalf. The lawyer will present the necessary evidence to make a case in favor of the minor.

Expect the lawyer to gather information about your child’s history in school and any positive accomplishments your child has had. This will include going over awards, certificates, and school grades. The lawyer may also seek to gather references from the child’s teachers and neighbors.

With the evidence, the lawyer can negotiate for a lesser sentence. Instead of jail time or heavy penalties, the lawyer can fight for probation or house arrest.

If your child has a history of legal trouble, you want to hire a juvenile criminal lawyer right away. Courts tend to impose heavier sentences on minors who have gotten in trouble before.

This lawyer will seek to complete different tasks before your child’s case goes to court, if your child has been in the juvenile court system before. The lawyer may speak with the prosecutor to work out a deal.

Even if your child has an extensive legal history, the lawyer will seek to have your child acquittal of all the charges at the time of trial.

3. Speeding up the Process

It’s no secret that the court system is backed up. Cases in the juvenile court system may move quicker, but many criminal cases can drag on for a long time. As a parent, you don’t want your child to suffer waiting for the case to come to an end.

A juvenile defense attorney can help to speed up the judicial process. This is one of the great benefits of hiring a lawyer. This way, it’s less likely the case will go on for months.

To ensure that your child’s case moves forward quickly, you need to hire a juvenile criminal lawyer right after your child’s arrest. Don’t hesitate to hire one.

4. Minors Can Be Tried as Adults

In Texas, a juvenile can be tried as an adult. If your child was charged as a minor, the charge may change if your child committed an egregious crime.

For committing murder, there’s a chance a child may not go to court as a juvenile. A child who committed assault and battery may face the court as an adult. A child who goes to court as an adult will face more serious penalties and consequences.

This is when you want the best juvenile criminal lawyer to work on your child’s case. Hire a lawyer who knows the laws in Texas. A juvenile criminal lawyer will fight any of the unreasonable punitive consequences that your child may be facing.

Hire a Juvenile Criminal Lawyer

Was your child arrested for committing a crime in Texas? If so, your child will need a juvenile criminal lawyer. Having a good juvenile criminal lawyer on your child’s side increases the chances of winning the case.

This type of lawyer will make sure that your child’s arrest didn’t violate their rights. The lawyer will also offer your child guidance throughout the process. Plus, the lawyer will make sure that the case doesn’t drag along in the juvenile court system.

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