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The Unexpected Costs of a DWI (And Ways To Get Them Reduced)

The Law Firm of Andrea M. Kolski
Alcohol abuse while driving

A DWI isn’t just a mark on your record. It can also accrue a great deal of expenses. Learn about the unexpected costs of a DWI here.

The consequences of driving while intoxicated can be severe. Sadly, every 8.5 hours, someone in Texas dies in an alcohol-related traffic crash. To protect drivers and keep our roads safe, Texas law enforcement targets drivers who may be at risk behind the wheel.

It’s not unusual for drivers to assume they are ok to drive after a few drinks. This assumption can spell disaster if the driver is over the legal limit. It’s possible to get a DWI charge even if you feel entirely coherent and can drive safely. If you find yourself in this situation, you’ll be dealing with more than a blemish on your driving record. DWI charges in Texas can have severe, lifelong costs that you need to know about.

Let’s dive in.

Ignition Locks

In some cases, you may be required to use a court-mandated interlock device on your vehicle. This device measures your blood alcohol content (BAC) and only unlocks if you are under the legal limit.

In this scenario, you will need to purchase this device on your own. Otherwise, you cannot legally drive. It’s worth noting that having someone help you unlock the interlock device is a crime that can result in punishment for both parties.

Keep this in mind when moving forward.

Social Stigma

There’s something to be said about the social stigma that comes with a DWI conviction. This is true even if your case did involve property damage, injury, etc.

When most people hear about a DWI case, they assume that the person in question was driving well above the speed limit, swerving all over the road, and putting everyone else around them in danger. Many people also aren’t willing to learn about the details of the case, such as how short the drive was, how little the driver had actually had to drink, etc. This social stigma could ruin relationships and make life more difficult overall.

So, there is a price to pay when it comes to quality of life.

Missing Work

Court appearances often require people to miss work. This could lead to a large number of complications regarding your employment.

If you’re an hourly employee, you won’t get paid for the time you spend in court. You may also not have enough paid time off, which could cause you to lose your job. If your employer learns why you need to visit court, they may question your judgment and pass you up for promotions in the future.

This could serve as a substantial roadblock in your career path that can be difficult to overcome.

Higher Insurance Premiums

Those with a DWI on their record will pay much more in insurance premiums. They might even find that their provider drops their coverage entirely.

This is simply due to the fact that insurance providers will view drivers with a DWI conviction as a substantial liability. Those who are willing to provide insurance options will often charge a high amount for minimum coverage. This could create a large number of complications later on, so it’s something you want to avoid at all costs.

Difficulty Finding a New Job

A DWI conviction doesn’t only affect your current job. It can also affect your ability to find a new job.

As you might assume, any position that requires operating a motor vehicle is likely out of the question. Employers might be apprehensive about hiring someone if a DWI comes up on a background check.

For example, let’s assume there are two candidates who are equally experienced and equally skilled. If one has a DWI conviction and the other doesn’t, most employers will likely choose the one who does not.

A situation like this could make it difficult to increase your income by switching jobs, relocating to a new city, etc.

During your case, you will need to budget for legal fees so that you can receive the appropriate legal representation. Depending on the complexity of your case, this could prove to be a substantial amount of money.

To clarify, let’s assume that your DWI case resulted in property damage to multiple vehicles. A situation like this is much different than one where a driver under the influence was pulled over for speeding.

This is also a guaranteed expense that you will incur. Not every case involves losing one’s job or purchasing an interlock device. All cases involve legal fees, however.

Finding the Right Attorney

To achieve the best outcome, you need to find an experienced DWI attorney.

This is the the best way to properly navigate a DWI case. When searching, be sure to take a look for DWI attorneys near me to insure they are local to the area. You also want to be sure to read reviews and other information both on and off their website to learn about the DWI attorneys reputation.

Make sure the DWI attorney you meet is the one that will handle your case from start to finish. Don’t let the firm bait-and-switch DWI attorneys on you in the middle of your case. You could risk having an inexperienced or less-skilled DWI lawyer represent you. Follow up with questions such as prior results in DWI cases, the estimated costs, and potential outcomes.

Look for someone who is communicative. Being unable to get in touch with them can make an already stressful situation even worse. So, keep an eye out for this attribute.

With a bit of research, you’ll be able to find a DWI lawyer who has everything required to help get your charges reduced or dismissed.

Take Action Today

If you’re dealing with a DWI case, time is of the essence. It’s crucial to get an experienced DWI attorney working on your case as soon as possible to set the stage for success. The best DWI attorneys will have the knowledge and resources necessary to help you navigate this process and get the best possible results.

Reach out to the office of Conroe DWI attorney Andrea M. Kolski today to discus your DWI case and how she can protect your rights, keep your costs in line, and garner the best possible result. With a track record of dismissals and victories second to none, Conroe DWI attorney Andrea M. Kolski is among the elite DWI attorneys in Texas. Call today and get on the right track toward a favorable outcome.

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