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Unique Traits of Top Criminal Defense Attorneys

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Are you in a situation where you need legal assistance? Do you have criminal charges going against you? If so, then you will need a criminal defense lawyer to help you.

However, you don’t just need a lawyer, you need to find the best defense lawyer for your situation.

Knowing what the top qualities of a trusted criminal defense lawyer are can help you find the right one for your case. That way, you have a bigger advantage from the get-go.

See below for several features that the top criminal defense attorneys have. Be sure to hire one that meets every quality on this list.

1. Communication

You’re not the one that went to law school, they are. Because of that, it’s only fair to expect that you should depend on your criminal defense lawyer during this time.

That means having them tell you what to expect during each phase of the process. It doesn’t matter whether it’s gathering evidence, interviewing potential witnesses, or the actual trial proceedings, they should help you understand each phase.

More importantly, a trusted criminal defense lawyer will prioritize communicating with their clients every step of the way. They’ll fill you in on where they are in the process and give you step by step instructions that you should follow.

The best of criminal attorneys can explain the process in terms you’ll understand. Instead of confusing you with legal jargon, they’ll use layman’s terms to describe what you can expect moving forward.

2. Knowledge

As previously mentioned, your lawyer has spent years studying the law, and you will be depending on their knowledge to explore every avenue for your case.

If the lawyer you hire doesn’t know their stuff, then they’ll be blown out of the water by your opposition, and you’ll pay the price for it.

If all the attorney has to show for education is the degree they graduated with, then you might want to find someone else. The best lawyers continue their education to expand and sharpen their practice.

However, there’s nothing wrong with having a lawyer tell you that they don’t know specifics on a certain law. That’s a quick fix. They can research the existing statutes in order to educate themselves.

What’s not a quick fix is when the lawyer has too much pride and won’t admit when they don’t know something. It’s unconstructive to your case, and there’s no time for it.

3. Experience

Experience is everything in law. A lawyer can study and read books on representing people in court as much as they like, but it will never be as valuable as undergoing the real thing.

Nothing can replace the experience of representing a client in court, carrying out a plan, and dealing with the high stress of the situation inside and outside the courtroom.

Not to mention that a lawyer with experience in your lawyer will also have an extensive network. They’ll have an existing relationship with the prosecutors, judge, and so forth.

This might help increase the chances of arranging a plea bargain to get rid of some of the charges against you. The more chemistry there is between lawyers, the more willing a prosecutor will be to set that up.

More importantly, hire a criminal defense attorney with experience in what you’ve been charged with.

Have they represented clients with the same charges as you? What was the outcome? What route would they suggest for you to increase your chances of a favorable outcome?

Be sure to ask as many questions as you can. This will help you understand how their individual experience can help you benefit!

4. Accessibility

Make no mistake about it, going through a criminal defense trial will be one of the most stressful and hectic times of your life. It will keep you up at night, it will always be in the back of your mind.

The only comfort that you will have, at times, is meeting with your criminal defense attorney to discuss strategy. The more definitive your plan, the better that you’ll feel about it.

Be sure to find a lawyer that is readily available whenever you need them. Even when they have other clients, a true criminal defense lawyer will always make time to talk with you.

5. Organized and Astute

Part of the experience factor is having a criminal defense lawyer who stays on top of their game. The more organized that they are, the more of an advantage you’ll have if your trial is brought to the courtroom.

Emotions are high in the courtroom. It’s a matter of making quick decisions and definitive statements while representing the facts of your evidence.

The more organized that the evidence is, the more it will benefit your case. That way, the judge and jury aren’t making preconceived notions about you or your attorney.

The attorney that you hire should have a thorough plan in place. It should be filled with documentation and witnesses that can help you provide evidence for your case.

Find the Top Criminal Defense Attorneys for Your Case Today

Now that you’ve seen all the different traits that you should look for in the top criminal defense attorneys, it’s time to find the right one to represent you today.

Be sure to read this article for more information on how to overturn a conviction and how much it’s going to take to do so.

For more inquiries, please be sure to reach out via our contact us page and we will be happy to assist you further.

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