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What To Do When Facing Weapons Charges in Texas

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Firearms are a hot topic in the news. Recent updates to Texas gun laws have created quite a stir among those for and against the right to bear arms. Understanding the many Texas gun laws is important for anyone who owns or carries a firearm. While Texas is considered among the most gun-friendly states in the US, there are still many restrictions and limitations on firearms.

It’s no surprise that many law-abiding Texas gun owners have found themselves on the wrong side of the law. Having an experienced Texas lawyer defend your rights is a smart move to protect your rights and avoid any potentially devastating consequences.

if you want to protect your 2nd Amendment rights, be sure to understand the latest changes to Texas gun laws. If you or a loved one are facing weapons charges, read on to learn what you should and shouldn’t do.

Be Careful What You Say

Loose lips sink ships. They can also sink your defense in court. Too often, people weaken their defense by saying the wrong thing to the wrong person. This often happens because people misunderstand the difference between colloquial and legal rules.

In an everyday conversation, it might seem perfectly justifiable to say something to a friend, family member, or acquaintance. However, from a legal perspective, it often surprises people what kind of statements can seem innocent but end up undermining your legal case.

Few people know what can and can’t be said when they’re facing charges. Don’t gamble with your freedom. Keep your mouth shut and speak with a lawyer before you do anything potentially incriminating.

When You Need a Lawyer

Your lawyer can help you understand what you should avoid doing or saying before your trial date. This way, you can avoid making a difficult problem even worse by accident.

However, another great thing a lawyer can do for you is to help you understand the likely outcome of your case. Some people feel confident that they will win their case, either because they are innocent or because they feel that there is no significant evidence proving their guilt.

However, most people do not have much experience assessing which situations are likely to lead to acquittal in a criminal trial. As a result, it is easy for people to make mistakes while assessing their own situation. It is much more effective to ask an experienced lawyer for their assessment of your legal circumstances.

Of course, they will not be able to tell you for sure if you will win your case. But they can give you a much better idea of what you can expect and what kind of case outcome you should be aiming for.

This also comes in handy because whether you are found guilty or innocent is not the only important question. Even if you are found guilty in a trial, there is the question of your sentencing.

Some people feel that it does not matter how they handle their legal situation if they already expect to be found guilty. They might even think there is no point in hiring a lawyer at all if they are going to lose their case, anyway. However, your lawyer can also help you diminish your sentence.

In recent years, gun owners have been bombarded by groups claiming to protect gun owners in their time of need. These “memberships” often come with sign up fees or ongoing membership dues. They may even send you a little “member card” to keep in your wallet.

While these services sound tempting, they may not provide the legal protections or defense needed when facing charges. Oftentimes, these services are simply private companies offering nothing more than a referral to a national legal network. The experience, skill, expertise, and location of the lawyer they refer may be completely random- or unknown!

Every gun owner has the right to legal representation. Don’t trust your freedom to a referral service- get an experienced local lawyer who will personally represent you in your case. This is your best shot at protecting your rights.

Speak With An Experienced Lawyer as Soon as Possible

When it comes to weapons charges, time is not on your side. The consequences of an arrest or weapons charges can quickly impact your life. Whether you are guilty or innocent, and whether you expect to win or lose your case, it’s best to get a weapons defense attorney working on your behalf as soon as possible.

First, they can provide guidance to insure you don’t weaken your case by accident. However, they will then need to spend a lot of time preparing a strong defense for you.

For example, they might need to find witnesses and interview them so that they can testify on your behalf. They might be able to find expert witnesses that can comment on the technical details of your case.

They can also study all the documentation relevant to your case and begin preparing the most convincing defense of yourself possible in court. They can also contact the court and prosecutors for any special lenience for your situation or circumstance.

All of this takes time. The longer you wait before speaking with a lawyer, the less time your attorney will have to prepare a proper defense for you.

Find a Lawyer With Weapons Charge Experience

It’s always best to go with a specialist when you want something done right. The law is no different. While many lawyers work in multiple areas of the law, the most skilled criminal defense attorneys specialize in criminal law. They will also have years of experience to bring to the table. When it comes to criminal defense, there is no substitute for experience.

Make sure that you choose a criminal defense attorney who has devoted a significant portion of their career to defending clients in situations similar to your own.

Use Caution When Reading Reviews

Reviews are everywhere these days. These days, you can’t order a pizza without a request for a review. Unfortunately, the abundance of reviews also allows fake reviews to flourish. In the legal industry, fake reviews are a real problem. Larger firms in particular often use outsource online companies to solicit and create reviews. While many are legit, there can be fake reviews sprinkled among the real ones.

While fake reviews are problematic, there are a few simple steps you can take to insure you’re getting the truth.

First, use common sense. Any firm with a perfect rating, a 5.0 or 10 stars, is highly suspicious. How many things in life are absolutely perfect? Law firms aren’t perfect either. If you see a lawyer or firm with a perfect, or nearly perfect, rating, there’s a reasonable chance they have fake reviews in the mix. The most reputable and skilled lawyers will usually have some negative feedback. This proves they are transparent and not hiding the occasional unhappy customer. A few negative reviews among mostly positive reviews can be a good thing for you as a potential client.

Next, ask the lawyer specifically about their reviews. Have them provide details about a case or client mentioned in their reviews. (without giving away any attorney-client privilege). If they struggle to remember or have difficulty providing further specifics, it’s possible they are posting fake reviews. An honest, reputable lawyer will be very engaged in their practice and can easily provide details about cases.

Keep in mind more reviews does NOT translate to good lawyering. Reviews can be faked or altered with ease. It’s common practice to load up on LOTS of reviews to get a better ranking in search engines. But a firm with 500 reviews may be no better at handling your case than a firm with a handful reviews. The number of reviews has no bearing on the firms ability to represent you or the outcome of your case.

Reviews are just one tool to help evaluate a potential lawyer for your weapons case and should be used with caution.

Defending a Weapons Charge in Texas

There are few times in life when the stakes are as high as when you are facing a weapons charge. The way that you handle your legal situation will affect your life in huge ways for many years to come. There may be nothing else you can do to affect the outcome of your charge as much as looking for the best criminal defense lawyer to assist you.

To learn more about how to handle your legal situation when you are facing a weapons charge, reach out and get in touch with our top rated criminal defense attorneys today.

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