Conroe DWI Non Disclosure Lawyer

 Andrea M. Kolski

Get your DWI Non Disclosed from prying eyes or potential employers.

Many companies, schools, organizations, and government agencies have very strict policies regarding DWI’s.  A DWI conviction is more than a temporary problem- it can impact one’s entire future.     

Get your DWI Non-Disclosed and get on with your life.

LEARN MORE about Non-Disclosure vs. Expunction

Texas DWI law states that that allows eligible persons-

1)     To have their DWI “non-disclosed” from their record. 

2)    To keep this DWI blocked from employers and agencies.

If you or a loved one has been convicted of DWI, we encourage you to familiarize yourself with this new law.  Because legislation can change quickly, we urge anyone with a DWI conviction to take action now.

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Texas DWI Non-Disclosure Guidelines:

“A person may petition to have a DWI sealed only if he/she:

Has never been convicted or placed on deferred adjudication community supervision (probation) for another offense.  This does not include a traffic offense (punishable by fine only).

Has successfully completed any imposed community supervision and any term of confinement.

Has paid all fines, costs, and restitution imposed; and

The waiting period has elapsed:

2 years if the person successfully completed a period of at least six months of driving.  Restricted to a motor vehicle equipped with an ignition interlock device as part of the sentence; or

5 years if there was no interlock requirement as part of the sentence.

Additionally, the court will not issue an order of nondisclosure if an attorney representing the state presents evidence sufficient to the court that demonstrates that the underlying offense, for which the order was sought, resulted in a motor vehicle accident involving another person (this includes a passenger of the defendant).”