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Andrea Kolski

Andrea Kolski is a top Conroe DWI attorney specializing in Texas DWI laws.  Since opening her practice in 2006, she has won hundreds of cases as both a Montgomery County Attorney and Houston DWI Attorney.  Her track record of victories and outright dismissals are second to none. 

Andrea is highly respected among attorneys in Conroe TX for her tenacious defense of clients facing DWI charges. She is one of the few DWI lawyers with the distinction of several awards including:

  • 2017, 2018, 2019 Top 100 National Trial Lawyers

  • 2018, 2019 Top 100 National Criminal Defense Attorneys

  • Voted: 2018 Top Lawyers in Texas

Andrea has an unmatched presence in the courtroom that is backed by thousands of hours of experience fighting for her clients.  Andrea is more than just another Conroe DWI attorney, she is a former prosecutor and Harris County Assistant District Attorney.  Andrea has a unique perspective from both sides of the bench that no other Conroe DWI attorney can match.


“Dont walk, RUN to Hire Andrea. Andrea is the absolute BEST attorney. Observing her in the courtroom, you can see she has the respect of her peers and the justices she interacted with. I am deeply grateful to her”
— Dan, multiple charges including DWI, ALL CHARGES DISMISSED
“Andrea is on badass attorney if you need a criminal defense attorney! Ive had several defense attorneys in my adult life. Andrea is the best attorney Ive ever had represent me and Ive referred her to everyone I know.” –
— Karen, faced over 20+ criminal charges, 21 charges DISMISSED
“Andrea is the most amazing attorney I have ever had in my corner.”
— Vincent, client facing 2nd DWI charge, CASE DISMISSED
“Andrea went above and beyond to fight for me when most lawyers would of brushed a case like this in the insignificant pile. Instead she fought for me and never gave up on me.”
— Juan, client facing 2nd DWI charge, CASE DISMISSED

A 2018 Legal Network Top Attorney

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