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If you are charged with a drug offense, this is a serious charge that needs to be carefully addressed by a professional legal team. Having a record with drug offenses on it can hurt your future, limit job prospects, cost you your job, and restrict where you’re able to live. Landlords don’t want to knowingly bring drug-related activity into their apartment communities and neighborhoods. Overturning the drug offense with the best legal counsel is the most effective solution.

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Texas isn’t a state where you want to take drug charges lightly. With the highest incarceration rate in the country, getting hit with a drug possession charge can destroy your future. Texas drug laws are also complicated, making it difficult to navigate through the legal system without experienced legal help.

If you or your loved one has been charged with a drug-related crime in The Woodlands or elsewhere in Texas, it’s important to hire an experienced drug possession lawyer to represent you. Andrea M. Kolski has over 20 years of experience successfully defending a wide range of drug cases. She’ll create a solid defense on your behalf while protecting your rights.

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What Happens if You Are Charged With Drug Possession?

Texas drug charges include a wide range of offenses and severe punishments if convicted. Some of them include:

  • Possession of cocaine
  • Possession of marijuana
  • Intent on distributing or drug distribution
  • Drug manufacturing
  • Drug trafficking
  • Prescription drug charges

The penalties for these offenses vary but most include steep financial penalties, prison sentences, loss of driving privileges, invasive monitoring, and extensive court appearances. Even the mildest of charges can cause a major disruption in your life. Put simply, drug possession penalties in The Woodlands are severe and often devastating. Make no mistake, a drug possession charge in Texas can have serious ramifications on your personal and professional life.

Why You Need to Hire a Drug Possession Lawyer

Andrea M. Kolski has been a drug possession attorney in The Woodlands for over 20 years. No one is better equipped to fight drug charges in tough Texas courts.  She’s respected in and out of the courtroom and has earned a reputation among the best drug lawyers in Montgomery County and Texas.  Her track record of victories in drug cases is second to none and she brings a wealth of knowledge and experience from both sides of the bench for her clients.  No one fights harder or smarter for her clients than Andrea Kolski. 

Lesser experienced attorneys, including public defenders, often shy away from a difficult drug possession defense.  They may encourage you to pursue a less-than-optimal outcome to avoid a tough battle or extensive work on your behalf.  Not Andrea Kolski.  She relishes the fight and aggressively defends every client for the best possible defense.  Her tenacity has earned her the nickname “Pit Bull In The Courtroom’.

Texas drug courts are not equipped to help you navigate the best defense.  They are designed to enforce the law and issue punishments accordingly.  Public defenders are often overworked and overburdened with backlogs of cases and rarely have the bandwidth to mount an adequate defense.  With over 90% of cases resulting in some form of plea deal, trusting a public defender with your future is a risky gamble. 

Hiring your own drug possession lawyer to represent you is a wise move for many reasons.  They will dedicate the time and energy necessary to mount a strong defense.  They are on your side and their goals align with your goals.  In addition, an experienced drug possession lawyer can provide you with the following benefits:

  • Getting the case dismissed and the charges thrown out 
  • Negotiate a lesser sentence 
  • Request schedule flexibility with the court for your work or personal obligations
  • Negotiate a beneficial plea bargain for a reduced sentence 
  • Communicate various options with you beforehand
  • Work with you to determine which option is best

An experienced attorney will ensure your rights are protected as you fight the charges against you.

How Our Process Works

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Step Two: Meet Andrea M. Kolski

Upon contacting our office, we will set up a confidential meeting to review your case and provide an overview of potential strategies for your defense.  With over 20+ years of legal practice, Andrea has unmatched knowledge of the Texas criminal justice system and experience defending a wide array of drug possession charges.  Few drug possession attorneys are better equipped to determine the best course of action for your drug case. 

Unlike many Texas criminal defense firms, Andrea handles every case personally and is actively involved every step of the way.  She has earned a reputation for honesty, integrity, and transparency with clients who need the very best legal defense.  While no reputable defense attorney can guarantee a specific result, Andrea draws upon her decades of experience defending the toughest drug possession cases to give her clients the best chances at a successful outcome. 

Step Three: Feel Confident You’re In Capable Hands 

Facing drug possession charges in Texas is a stressful, scary situation for anyone.  Texas drug laws are especially harsh and the consequences can be devastating.  However, with the right drug possession lawyer, you can breathe easy knowing they have your best interest at heart.  As The Woodlands Top Criminal Defense Lawyer, Andrea Kolski has the skills to put your mind at ease and work tirelessly for the best possible result. 

We make every effort to communicate every step of the way and give you the peace of mind that only an experienced drug possession lawyer can provide.  You’ll be confident knowing you’ve got defense attorney Andrea Kolski on your side working with prosecutors and the court on your behalf.

How Much Does a Drug Possession Attorney in Texas Cost?

Unlike family law or civil law, experienced Texas criminal defense attorneys usually quote a Flat Fee structure for clients.  This will allow you to understand the total cost upfront without any future surprises or excessive bills.  Depending on the type of drug possession case, the cost can range from a few thousand dollars to five or six figures.  Keep in mind that Texas drug law punishments are among the most severe in the nation and if convicted, can be devastating.  It’s important to keep this in mind when evaluating the cost of an experienced drug possession attorney to represent you.

Like any other profession, experience and expertise are never cheap.  If you want the best, it makes sense to invest properly.  Your freedom and your future may be on the line, so what’s that worth?

Beyond the experience of your drug possession attorney, there are other factors involved when determining the cost of a proper defense.  Depending on the severity of the drug charges, the circumstances surrounding the case, and prior legal issues, our team will review your case and offer an overall cost.

Experienced drug possession attorneys like Andrea Kolski are well-equipped to provide an accurate estimate of the potential financial cost of a case once all the relevant information is provided.  We’ll go over our fees during your initial consultation and gladly explain the rationale behind those costs.  Our goal is to be transparent and offer the best legal representation for your investment. 

Texas Drug Possession Laws

Texas has the highest incarceration rate in the US.  This is no place to take your drug possession charge lightly. Few states are stricter on drug use and possession than Texas. Not only are punishments strict in Texas, but Texas drug possession laws are frequently complicated. This can make it difficult for those facing drug possession charges to make it through the legal system. 

Whether you’re facing drug possession charges in Conroe, The Woodlands, or anywhere in Montgomery County, we’ve got you covered. If you’ve been caught and charged with drug possession, you could be facing serious penalties. Read on, and we’ll explain how a Conroe possession attorney can walk you through the legal process and help ensure the best outcome for your situation. 

Penalties for Drug Possession in Montgomery County Texas

Montgomery County, Texas drug laws split punishment for substance abuse or possession into four different groups. These groups are based on the four different levels of classification given to drugs by the federal government. 

Drugs are categorized in four numbered groups.  The higher the number, the higher the severity of the drugs in question.  Marijuana is given its own separate grouping. Possession of more than two ounces of marijuana can incur a penalty of up to ten years in jail. 

At the lowest level, a charge for drug possession in Texas will result in a Class A or Class B misdemeanor. Those charged with such a crime could face up to a year in jail or fines up to $4,000. 

However, the severity of punishment can always increase depending on how much of the substance in question is found. There’s no limit to how much punishment can increase. 

Larger quantities will usually be charged as ‘drug possession with an intent to distribute,’ where penalties are much higher. Life sentences are not uncommon, nor are monetary penalties as high as $250,000. The manner in which a drug is stored or contained can also contribute to how it is perceived in terms of an intention to distribute.  

Drug Categories in Texas

The four categories recognized by Texas are narcotics, depressants, stimulants, and hallucinogens.  

Narcotics include all opium related substances including prescription drugs such as oxycodone and morphine. Depressants refer to any and all drugs that slow bodily functions, such as heroin and valium.

Stimulants speed up body functions, with the most common form being cocaine or speed. Hallucinogens refer to marijuana, LSD, and any other substances that alter perception or mood. 

Alternative Sentencing Programs

Montgomery County, Texas offers some alternative programs to drug crime sentencing. While the Texas legislature has been unwilling to loosen marijuana laws even with medical legalization, there has been some legislative progress on minimizing the impact on first-time offenders, especially for those with small quantities. 

The First Time Felony Charge Act, for example, is a state law that offers help to first time drug possession offenders. Under certain circumstances, hose that plead guilty to certain charges in Montgomery county drug court can be eligible for alternative sentencing. Alternatively, some offenders may lessen their sentence with placement into an approved substance abuse program.  

Certain counties around Texas have similar local programs that are encouraged to get those charged with drug possession on the proper path. These programs can sometimes be difficult or even expensive to work through, but they can help to ensure one doesn’t have to face the maximum penalty in court.

How a Defense Attorney Can Help

As a Montgomery County Drug Possession Attorney for over two decades, Andrea Kolski has represented a wide range of clientele facing the most serious drug charges.  Her track record of success is second to none.

Texas drug laws may be tough, but there are a number of ways an experienced drug possession lawyer can help win or minimize the charges against you.  Alternative sentencing can be helpful, but they often require a guilty plea to enroll. What if you’re not guilty, or aren’t guilty to the extent the charges indicate you are? This is where an experienced defense attorney can make a big difference. An experienced defense attorney will work with you to fight for the best possible legal outcome to your case. They will be able to take the facts and evidence provided in your case and lead you to the best legal strategy. 

In some cases, they may even be able to get the case dismissed or thrown out of court. There are very specific procedures law enforcement must follow.  Illegal search and seizure is not uncommon when it comes to drug possession charges.  A skilled defense attorney can carefully review your case and determine if your rights were and are upheld during a criminal investigation.

A defense attorney can also help to prove that you don’t deserve the sentence that you may be facing. There are many legal defenses for a drug possession charge and circumstances where a lesser sentence makes more sense for both the state and the defendant. An experienced attorney can navigate this process and present your case in a favorable light. 

Having someone experienced to rely on through the stressful process of a legal proceeding can give you peace of mind. Texas drug possession laws are complicated and constantly changing.  Going it alone, or with a court appointed attorney, can add more stress to your situation.   

Having a knowledgeable professional with experience in Texas drug possession law can make a world of difference. With the right attorney by your side, you can properly fight the charges against you and avoid a potentially life-changing punishment. 

Understanding Texas Drug Possession Laws

Texas drug possession laws lay out punishments that can be quite severe. If you’re currently facing criminal charges in the state of Texas, it is essential that you get the proper legal assistance. An experienced, dedicated attorney can be the difference between freedom and a life behind bars. 

Have further questions about drug possession charges? Need advice on your next steps? Feel free to give us a call with questions. 

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