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 The Law Offices of Andrea M. Kolski provides sex offense law services in The Woodlands, Texas. Call 832-381-3430 to schedule a consultation.  We have a 20 year track record of success defending those who have been accused of a sex offense. 

Being accused of a sex crime in Texas can have a lasting impact on a person’s life. While those with other types of criminal charges in their backgrounds can often move past the mistakes they’ve made, sex offenses have a stigma attached to them that is particularly devastating—and even moreso when you’re wrongly accused. Attorney Andrea M. Kolski has nearly 20 years of experience representing defendants in sex offense cases.

Sex Crimes in Texas

The Law Offices of Andrea M. Kolski has provided aggressive defense for those accused of a wide range of sex offenses, including:

Attorney Andrea M. Kolski has experience litigating complex cases in court and has successfully defended hundreds of individuals throughout her career. She understands just how high the stakes are when it comes to sexual offense convictions, which is why she takes a proactive, aggressive approach in defending her clients.

Sex Offense Defense Attorney

The best time to hire a sex offense defense lawyer in Texas is as soon as you’re brought in for questioning. You have the right to have a sex crimes attorney present with you during any police interrogation and you should refuse to discuss your case until you’ve secured representation.

A skilled attorney may be able to prevent sex offense charges from being filed. This can be accomplished through seeking suppression of evidence due to unreasonable search and seizure, exposing police misconduct, or demonstrating entrapment. Should your case move forward, Attorney Andrea M. Kolski will interview witnesses, conduct a thorough investigation, and re-examine all DNA and forensic evidence. Even eyewitness testimony can be successfully challenged in many cases. 

No matter what sex offense charges you’re facing, you can count on the team at The Law Offices of Andrea M. Kolski to fight for your rights and defend your reputation in court. We have over 20 years of Texas law experience to help navigate the criminal justice system. You deserve to have the best possible defense so you can move forward with your life.

If you need an experienced sex offenses lawyer in The Woodlands, call The Law Offices of Andrea M. Kolski at 832-381-3430 to schedule a consultation.

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