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Sexual Abuse

Sexual abuse can happen to anyone. Whether it’s sexual harassment from an employer or unwanted sexual advances from an acquaintance, victims deserve protection from further abuse.

The stigma of sexual abuse can force many victims into silence in personal, family, or workplace situations.  The sexual abuse of a former partner or love interest can make victims feel powerless.  Sexual abuse from a family member can bring shame to a victim.  Sexual harassment in the workplace can put a victims career on the line.  Regardless of the circumstance, standing up to sexual abuse comes with a lot of potential risk.  The fear of retaliation or worse can keep victims silent while their perpetrators continue unchecked.   

In today’s workplace, employers may encourage a “safe” environment but often fall short when it comes to standing up for victims rights.  Sadly, this is because victims rights aren’t the businesses top priority. Businesses often put their own interests first and overlook a victims needs while they go to great lengths to protect their own liability and profit.  This is an unfair situation for victims when they feel their job or future with the company is on the line.  Too often, victims of sexual harassment are pressured by an employer to keep quiet while following the company’s protocols.  This usually works out better for the employer than it does the victim and can allow perpetrators to escape unpunished.

At NonStopJustice, we don’t let companies or individuals hide behind a veil of silence while we pursue the rights of victims.  We hold perpetrators accountable for their actions, regardless of who they are.  We fight to insure victims are protected to the fullest extent of the law. Going above and beyond for our clients is how we work at NonStopJustice.

Attorney Andrea Kolski and her team’s experience on both sides of the bench provides clients a unique advantage putting the law to work for victims while affording every protection available during the process. This is especially important in sensitive cases where children or close family members are involved.

Sexual harassment isn’t limited to personal contact. In today’s connected world, people can find themselves the target of a sexual predator through social media apps, email, text, or other electronic means. Just because the harassment is digital doesn’t mean it’s any less damaging to a victim. We understand the complicated laws involving digital communication and how to hold those responsible accountable for their actions.

The justice system can be a difficult place for victims to assert their rights. That’s why we take every instance of sexual harassment or sexual abuse seriously and make sure the system works to protect victims rights. If you or a loved one has been the victim of sexual harassment or sexual abuse, contact us today to see how we can help.

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