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Domestic Drama: How a Domestic Abuse Lawyer Can Help You

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A domestic abuse lawyer can help you whether you’re the victim or the person accused of abuse.

Some domestic abuse lawyers only work with victims, others only work with the accused, and some work with both.

No matter where you fall in the case, an attorney advocating for you can protect your rights and minimize the impact on your life.

In a domestic abuse situation, you have some legal options.

Victims can press charges, file civil lawsuits, and file for legal orders to keep the abuser away from them.

Your attorney can give you the options based on your specific situation. While they can’t guarantee an outcome, they can give you an idea of how different options might play out.

If you’re accused of abuse, your attorney can provide you with options for your defense. They might suggest settling out of court, for example.

If you’re falsely accused of abuse, your attorney can help defend you and protect your rights.

No matter which side you’re on, your attorney can help you understand the legal definition of abuse in your state and whether or not you have a case.

2. Represent You With Police

When the police get involved in a domestic situation, both sides will likely tell their story.

If you’re the victim, you might feel like the police don’t take you seriously or blame you for the assault. They might ask insensitive questions or press you when you’re upset.

Your attorney can sit with you while you answer questions from the police. They can shield you from inappropriate questioning.

If you’re accused of abuse, your attorney can prevent you from incriminating yourself. You might not realize that some of your answers could work against you. Your attorney can sit with you while you’re interrogated to prevent those situations.

If you feel you’re in continued danger, your attorney can help you file for a protective order. There are different options, including orders that keep your abuser a certain distance away from you and orders that prevent the person from doing certain things.

If you live together, you might be able to get an order that forces the other person to move out of your shared home.

4. Recover Damages

Being the victim of domestic abuse can result in losses. You might have medical bills for the physical injuries you have. You might also miss work due to the abuse or the resulting injuries, which causes you to lose income.

Your attorney can help recover those financial losses. This is most often done by filing a civil lawsuit.

Domestic abuse lawyers know how to calculate those damages, which might include monetary compensation for your pain and suffering.

Your attorney handles all of the paperwork for the domestic abuse lawsuit and ensures all deadlines are met. They handle negotiations if the other person wants to settle out of court. They also represent you in court if your abuse case goes to trial.

5. File for Divorce

If you want to end your marriage because of the abuse, your attorney can help you file for divorce.

Domestic abuse services are a type of family law, which includes divorce. A lawyer who handles domestic abuse cases likely also handles lots of divorces. That means your attorney has the expertise to fight for your rights through the divorce process.

6. Fight for Custody

When kids are involved, domestic abuse situations become more complicated. If you’re the victim, you’re also concerned about keeping your kids safe from your abuser.

If the other parent of your children is a threat to them, your attorney can help you fight for custody.

If you’re wrongfully accused of abuse and your spouse is trying to get full custody of your kids, your attorney can help fight for you to keep custody.

7. Get Spousal Support

If you’re leaving your accused abuser, you might need spousal support. Your attorney can fight for this financial support as part of your divorce case. Having that financial compensation helps pay for your everyday living expenses once you’re on your own.

Your attorney can also fight for adequate child support if you have kids with your accused abuser.

8. Fight Domestic Abuse Charges

If you’re wrongly accused of domestic abuse, an attorney may be able to get the charges dropped. It’s tough to defend yourself and get charges dropped without legal representation.

When prosecutors bring charges, your attorney can move for dismissal. This could happen if your rights were violated or there’s a lack of evidence.

9. Minimize Negative Effects

Being accused of domestic abuse can result in lots of negative effects on your life. Fines and jail time are possible with criminal charges.

You could lose your right to own firearms. The charges could cause you to lose your job or keep you from having certain ones, such as teaching or working in healthcare.

If your spouse files for divorce, the domestic abuse charge could work against you in the divorce results.

An attorney can help minimize those effects. They might be able to negotiate a plea bargain for lesser charges that don’t carry as severe consequences.

10. Represent You in Court

Domestic abuse cases can be drawn out and involve lots of legal battles, from criminal charges and civil suits to contested divorce.

Having a lawyer to represent you through it all can make the difficult situation a little easier to handle.

Your attorney knows how the local courts operate. They’re familiar with the judges and other lawyers. This can help them represent you better in court.

They’re also available to support you and answer any questions you have about the case. No matter which side of the case you’re on, the legal aspects can be confusing.

Consider Hiring a Domestic Abuse Lawyer

If you’re facing a serious domestic situation, hiring a domestic abuse lawyer can protect your interests. Whether you’re the victim or the accused, an attorney is always a good idea, especially when legal action has occurred.

Contact our office today if you’re involved in a domestic abuse situation. We can represent either party in the case to walk you through the often emotional and complex situation.

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