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How a Domestic Violence Lawyer Can Protect You Against False Accusations

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The current global pandemic has created a pressure-cooker environment. As a result, many people have found themselves in unfortunate domestic situations. Isolation combined with stress can prove a dangerous or even deadly combination.

If you find yourself accused of domestic violence, you may wonder if it makes sense to hire an attorney. To begin with, if police respond to a domestic violence report, the incident will go before the district attorney.

More than likely, the DA will decide to file charges. In this instance, you will need a domestic violence lawyer.

Domestic Violence Incidents on the Rise Across the Nation

Across the nation, a growing number of domestic violence incidents are taking place. In eastern Pennsylvania, for instance, a man attacked his girlfriend before assaulting himself. The victim survived and told police that her former boyfriend was highly disturbed about the coronavirus.

Domestic violence is about control. Amid the pandemic, the perpetrators of domestic violence feel as though they have little of it.

Now, law enforcement agencies are bracing for a spike in domestic violence once the COVID-19 threat subsides. They’re not looking forward to the stories that will emerge as the pandemic passes.

At least 20 large metropolitan police departments report spikes in domestic violence. A report published by CNN highlights the details of how the pandemic is affecting people. Advocates worry that victims who are locked near abusers are unable to reach out for help, says the report.

The stay-at-home order blankets most of the country. As many people face days of close proximity to one another, incidents of domestic violence will likely increase.

For instance, Harris County, Texas, witnessed two domestic violence murders in as many weeks in May. Regarding these incidents, the problem already existed, but the pandemic worsened the situation.

Can a Domestic Violence Lawyer Help My Case?

In a domestic violence case, even if the victim doesn’t want to press charges, it’s most likely going to go to court. At that point, it’s in your best interest to retain a domestic violence lawyer.

Domestic violence cases are highly complex and specialized. Knowledgeable domestic violence attorneys know what information and evidence will help build your defense.

There is no guarantee that attorneys for domestic violence can stop the district attorney from pressing charges against you. However, they can provide you with the legal representation to give you the best possible chance of making your case in court.

If You Face a Domestic Violence Charge, What Happens?

If someone charges you with domestic violence, the victim will most likely request a restraining order. If the courts serve you with a restraining order, you’re not allowed to make contact with the victim. If children live in the household, the court will more than likely also prohibit you from seeing your children.

The court will make a final decision about whether to issue a restraining order. Your domestic abuse lawyer plays a critical role in determining the outcome of these proceedings.

Close Quarters Are Creating Tense Situations

Cities such as Seattle have seen a significant surge in domestic violence helpline calls. However, they’ve noticed a change. The surge is happening at night, as opposed to regular call increases, which occur in the daytime.

They believe that, due to the pandemic, victims cannot find the opportunity to avoid their abuser and call for help. Alternatively, they may not have availability to make the call because they’re taking care of children in the daytime. Ultimately, the pandemic is creating a hotbed situation for individuals who are involved in domestic violence incidents.

For those who are already in a troubled relationship, the pandemic is a worst-case scenario. After experiencing financial loss and increased stress, both parties must spend more time with each other.

Historically, law enforcement agencies have witnessed increases in domestic violence after natural disasters. During Hurricane Harvey, for instance, Houston authorities were flooded with domestic violence reports.

Now, the COVID-19 pandemic may have a similar effect. However, instead of affecting one area, it will affect the entire world.

As a result of domestic violence situations, the CNN report reveals that the Houston Area Women’s Shelter is full since the onset of COVID-19. The situation is the same at shelters across the nation.

I’m Facing a Domestic Violence Charge: What Can I Do?

Whether you’re married or dating your accuser, domestic violence is a severe offense. It can encompass verbal or physical assault.

It may also encompass disorderly conduct, refusal to exit the premise, violation of a restraining order or property theft. If the courts charge you with domestic violence charges, it’s in your best interest to get legal help immediately.

What If I Get Arrested for Domestic Violence?

When someone accuses you of domestic violence, the police will more than likely arrest you. A lawyer will make the process of meeting bond easier. They will also help you find out important information about your case.

Getting Help With Your Case Now

A domestic violence charge can ruin your credibility and your life. When searching for a DV lawyer, make sure to find a reasonably available one. If law enforcement comes for you, you should have no trouble contacting your lawyer for help.

Also, you should feel comfortable about who you choose to represent your case. Accordingly, look for a domestic violence lawyer whose legal strategy makes you feel confident about your situation.

Andera Kolski has represented criminal and trial matters in the state of Texas for nearly two decades. Contact her at (832) 381-3430 or for a review of your case.

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