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Guide To Finding The Right Drug Possession Lawyer For Your Case

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According to the Federal Bureau of Prisons, the highest numbers of inmates are those convicted of a drug-related crime.

Drug possession or any drug-related offense is a very serious crime. If arrested on such charges, you can face penalties like hefty fines and prison time. The best way to beat any drug charge is to fight back, and to do this; you will need a good lawyer.

If you are facing drug possession, find you need to know how to get the best lawyer to help with your case. This is because a skilled and experienced criminal lawyer will know the best defense to use on your case so as to increase your chances of a successful trial.

Why You Need a Lawyer

Texas has some of the toughest drug laws in the United States. This means that you should have a good defense strategy to beat a drug possession charge. Only a good criminal lawyer can offer you that.

Under Texas law, for example, drug possession, including marijuana possession, is illegal. Here is why you will need an attorney if you are caught in drug possession by the local drug task force or the DEA.

  • To help safeguard your constitutional rights
  • Help you understand what to expect and your options
  • Locate evidence including witness testimonies
  • Build a tailor-made defense strategy
  • Negotiate with the prosecutor to have your charges dismissed or reduced
  • Help you secure a release and bail if you have been arrested

Once you have legal representation, you should also know some of the tips that will help you fight the charges. Remember, because of the severity of the charges you are facing; you should take your time to find the right lawyer because your future depends on it.

Here are a few things that you should consider when hiring the right lawyer.


You will need a professional team to deal with such a serious charge. This means you should hire a lawyer who is experienced with drug-related charges. Remember, if you have a drug offense charge on record, it can cost you your job, limit your chances of getting a job, and also restrict where you can live.

An experienced drug offense attorney will know how to overturn the drug possession charge with the best defense possible. They will also take their time to analyze the evidence against you and how to use it to your advantage.

Hire a Lawyer Who Is Familiar With the Local Justice System

Every state has different drug laws. Handling a drug case in Texas is very different from handling one in California.

For example, if you are in Dallas, the penalties you might face will depend on:

  • The penalty group
  • Weight of the drugs
  • Type of drug
  • Your location at the time of the arrest
  • If a child was involved
  • The actual conduct; manufacturing or peddling
  • If you are charged with a federal or a state crime

Not only should you hire an experienced attorney but a local attorney who is completely familiar with the local laws. A local attorney also knows what the jurors look for and have local relationships that can help with your case.

Check the Lawyers Success Rate

Knowing how to defend a drug possession case requires knowing how to deal with the law.

Law enforcement officers, can at times, seize the cellphone of the person they arrest and look for texts, emails, or apps that can help prove the charges and use that information to charge the defendant for possession.

However, the police need to have a warrant to go through anyone’s phone. A lawyer who is familiar with the law can use this to dismiss or reduce the charges against you.

The lawyer who knows how to defend a drug case successfully can try to prove that:

  • You were not aware that the drugs were in your possession
  • The law enforcement offices got the drugs illegally, and this violated your Fourth Amendment Rights
  • There is no proof that the drug in your possession is a controlled substance
  • There are problems with the way the evidence was handled

Your lawyer can also challenge the prosecution to prove that the drugs were under your control or belonged to you. Lawyers with high success rates know how to work the system to their favor and are the best defense you need.

There are a lot of things that your lawyer can use to have your case dropped. However, you will need a lawyer who knows what it takes to have a drug charge dropped.

Make Sure That You Get the Lawyer You Have Hired

If you are hiring from a law firm, you may want to confirm that the lawyer handling your case is the one you consulted and hired. There are law firms that have high profile attorneys to attract clients, but the attorneys might not handle your case.

Do not settle for a firm that will reassign your drug possession case to an inexperienced lawyer or a junior associate. When you hire us, you can be sure that you will have an experienced criminal lawyer who will help you through every step.

Use These Tips to Hire the Right Lawyer for Your Drug Possession Case

Drug possession cases are felonies, and this means that they have very serious penalties. The stakes in such cases are too high that you cannot just trust any lawyer with it. Hire a lawyer who will do everything legally possible to help you with the case

Here at Non Stop Justice, we are well equipped to handle everything concerning your case. Regardless of the drug or charges, our lawyers are well experienced in criminal law and drug-related charges, and they also understand the state and local laws.

If you are facing any drug-related charges and want to know more about the legal services that we can provide you with, call us today and schedule a consultation.

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