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Legal Toughness: How the Best Sex Crime Lawyers Stand Up for the Accused

The Law Firm of Andrea M. Kolski

Legal Toughness: How the Best Sex Crime Lawyers Help the Accused

Our nations legal system has been refined through a history of persecution and injustice. We continue to strive for a system where all people are given a fair trial and a chance to explain themselves, regardless of their alleged crimes. The job of good sex crime lawyers is to make sure the accused are afforded the opportunity for a fair trial and that their rights are not infringed.

These kinds of crimes are understandably difficult to defend and a challenge for the courts to handle. They are emotionally charged and involve situations that nobody ever wants to find themselves in. However, our Constitution states that everyone deserves a fair trial, and punishments cannot be simply handed down without due process.

The court is also where the full stories behind incidents can come to light. A skilled sex crime lawyer can help a defendant tell their side of the story. Keep reading below to learn ways lawyers stand up for the accused.

Sex Crime Lawyers Are Investigators At Heart

Behind every court trial is a story that attorneys, plaintiffs, judges, and defendants are just trying to understand. Most of the time, the narrative behind trials can be complicated. So, qualified legal intervention can help get the story straight.

To do that, good lawyers have strong investigative skills and are willing to dig into the nitty-gritty of a trial. They may spend hours poring everything from witness testimonies to social media posts, trying to catch anything that seems out of place. They may also reach out to experts for insight about details in a story.

They take the stories that plaintiffs tell as much as the stories defendants tell and process them carefully. They compare each story, inspecting points where they differ and clarifying areas for better understanding.

Whether a lawyer is fighting to prove someone’s innocence or guilt, they are working to get all the pertinent fact of a case. They make sure the story is told correctly to a court before judgment is passed. Otherwise, innocent people may be convicted because a story lacked proper details.

The Best Sex Crime Lawyers Leave No Stone Unturned

Sex crimes are especially difficult accusations to unravel. Usually because our society is quick to judge someone simply based on the charges they face. But the courtroom, not society at large, is where the facts of a case come to light and judgement is determined.

One mark of a good investigator is to consider the emotions that often fuel these cases. Sex crime lawyers are trained to analyze the actions of plaintiffs and defendants, considering the emotions behind them. The only way to get to the truth is to get the full picture of the incident, after all.

So, when speaking with clients and witnesses, attorneys may ask questions about the mental state of the people involved. They may ask questions that seem callous or cold, but it is for a greater purpose. The things people do when they are afraid can often be confused with bad intentions. There is a difference.

The court may view someone who acted due to fear differently than if they were malicious. The actions of a scared individual must be considered and a skilled defense attorney can help communicate this to the court or prosecutors.

Examining Motivations Is Crucial During Trials

Why do people behave in certain ways? Why did they take a certain action? Answering these questions help determine the motivations behind ones actions. People do things for a reason, and uncovering these reasons can help attorneys weave together a better understanding of the case. A good sex crime lawyer will present and examine evidence or ask questions about what could lead people to make the decisions they did.

To do this, they may investigate all of the people involved in a case. Not just the accused, but the plaintiff, the police, and other individuals who played a role. For example, if a person has been caught lying then they may take that into consideration when speaking with a person on the bench. Past comments indicating hostility towards a particular person may also be used to illustrate a person’s motivations.

It’s the same kind of work that police organizations usually do in high-profile cases. Cases involving sex crimes just often make this kind of work hard for police, since they primarily are tasked to describe the actions of what happened. They cannot usually shed light on the reasons behind why something happened.

That kind of work is for the people working hands-on with everyone involved. This is where experienced sex crimes lawyers can make a real difference in a case.

Evidence Is Only Part Of The Story

There is always a time in any kind of trial when evidence from an incident is presented. This evidence can range from bed computer and phone records, physical evidence such as sheets, clothes, and almost anything in between.

However powerful or weak the evidence may seem, it does not give attorneys or judges the full story of what may or may not have happened in a case. Evidence is often used to support the perspective of a particular person. The reasons behind why a person would send a particular text message or wear a certain shirt can vary.

The job of an attorney is to explain the reasons behind how evidence plays into the overall story. They also can argue that certain evidence must be thrown out or included if there is good reason to do so. It is up to the attorneys to illustrate the full story leading up to an incident because the evidence will not do it itself.

Sex crime attorneys will often comb through texts and social media posts, speak with witnesses and clients, and examine any evidence the prosecution plans to present in court. They will scrutinize this evidence to see if it is admissible and fight for whichever they believe is in the best interest of the case. By carefully examining evidence, a skilled sex crime lawyer can piece together the most likely reasons behind the actions in a case.

A Sex Crime Attorney Advocates For Everyone’s Rights

At any time, anyone could find themselves accused of a crime. Even the innocent can be caught in the crosshairs of law enforcement. While most of us never think of being accused, when it happens, we want a system that allows us to defend ourselves. By standing up for the accused in the most difficult of cases, sex crimes attorneys are fighting for all of our rights. Not just the rights of that particular client.

Understandably, when someone is accused of a crime, it’s important to understand the mental state of that person. The enormous amount of stress one feels when facing charges can be overwhelming. So, beyond just defending our rights, sex crime attorneys must also get the court to consider the mental health of their clients and make sure they are well enough to stand trial. Sex crimes can often leave people in an indescribable kind of distress, both for the accused and the accusers.

One of the first jobs of any good sex crime attorney is to care for their clients’ mental wellbeing. They may refer them to resources or services that worked with people in similar situations. In this way, even as a trial goes on, everyone involved can take the first steps towards recovery.

Never Go to Court Without Someone at Your Side

It doesn’t matter what kind of crime you may have been accused of — never go to court alone. The Texas court system is overburdened with cases and it’s extremely hard to get a truly fair trial on your own. There are countless numbers of Texans in jail today who thought they could beat the system.

Navigating the complex legal systems behind a trial can be challenging even for the most seasoned sex crime lawyer. Don’t risk your freedom without consulting with a sex crime lawyer first. It could be the most important decision of your life.

If you or a loved one have found yourselves on the wrong side of the law, let us help. Defense Attorney Andrea M. Kolski has over 20+ years experience with sex crime cases. There is no one who fights harder and with greater compassion for the accused than Andrea M. Kolski. If you’d like a review of your situation, reach out to us. We are here to help.

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