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Your Complete Guide to Hiring a Conroe Criminal Lawyer

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In 2019, there were about 1,352,027 active lawyers in the United States. Over 90,000 of these attorneys practice in Texas, with a significant percentage of them specializing in criminal law.

The role criminal lawyers play in America’s increasingly litigious society is unquestionable. If you or your loved one has been accused of a crime, the smartest move you can make is talk to a Conroe criminal lawyer right away.

Don’t assume that you don’t need an attorney just because you are sure you didn’t commit the crime for which you have been accused. The court doesn’t always get it right. For instance, since 1973, a staggering 172 former death-row prisoners have been acquitted of charges for the wrongful convictions that landed them on death row.

There’s no doubt that having a competent criminal lawyer on your side can help prove your innocence in court. But even if you were at fault, hiring the right criminal defense team can save you from going to jail.

But how do you choose the right criminal defense lawyer in Conroe for you? Read on to learn more.

1. Get References

There’s hardly a better way to find a reliable criminal attorney than by getting recommendations from people you trust. Ask your relatives, friends, or colleagues whether they have worked with any lawyers they can vouch for. You can also go online to check out customer reviews on the lawyer.

If previous clients have had a positive experience with a particular Conroe criminal defense lawyer, chances are you will too.

2. Make Sure They’re Local

There’s an old saying in the legal world, “there are lawyers who know the law, and there are lawyers who know the judge”. Judges, prosecutors, and other court employees are people just like the rest of us. They often prefer to work with people they know and are familiar with. Lawyers who have a strong presence and history with your particular county or court will know the particulars of that court and give you the best shot at a favorable outcome.

Look for a lawyer who’s not only knowledgeable of the law, but also an “insider” of your county or court. It can make a big difference in your outcome.

3. Hire Experience

One thing that clearly sets the best criminal defense attorneys from the rest is the amount of experience they have. A seasoned lawyer will have more confidence, style, and tact. These unique traits of top attorneys can work in your favor during the trial.

The first question to ask is how long the attorney has practiced criminal law. An attorney with at least five years’ experience is a good bet. If you can find an attorney with experience in both criminal defense and prosecution, that’s even better as they’ll have a better understanding of what strategies the other side is using.

The ideal candidate will also have considerable experience handling cases similar to yours. If you have been falsely accused of sexual assault, you want an attorney who knows how to beat a false sex crime charge. How can you be sure they do unless they have handled similar cases in the past?

4. Confirm They Will Be Working Your Case Personally

When you find a lawyer online or even through a referral, it’s important to understand how they work. A typical tactic at big law firms is the “bait-and-switch” where the lawyer you met with hands off your case to a less-experienced lawyer who has time on their hands or even a paralegal. This may be a common practice, but it doesn’t mean it’s right.

Bigger firms do NOT mean better service in the legal world. Sometimes, it’s the opposite. Don’t let your case get handed off to someone else in the firm you’ve contacted. In your first meeting, make sure the lawyer you meet is the lawyer you get.

Independent firms or solo practices are usually MUCH better at handling your case personally. If you value direct communication and hands-on experience, be sure to demand the lawyer you meet is the lawyer on your case from start to finish.

5. Prioritize Good Communication

Facing criminal charges can be an emotionally tasking experience. You are facing the prospect of jail time, or even worse. During such a time, you need an attorney you can trust and confide in.

Open communication is essential in establishing a great relationship with your criminal defense attorney. During your initial meeting, try to gauge how approachable you find the attorney. Do they come across as caring, or are they standoffish?

Once you establish a rapport with your potential lawyer, inquire whether they’re personally going to be handling your case. You don’t want your case transferred to someone else you haven’t even met.

Don’t forget to ask how you’ll be communicating with your lawyer once you hire them. Will you commit via telephone, email, or phase to face? How often can you expect updates on the progress of your case?

6. What Motivates Them

Some lawyers are in it just for the money. They don’t care much for the practice of the law as much as they care about increasing their bank account. You want a lawyer who’s motivated for the right reasons, not just making a quick buck.

Ask about their background. Why do they practice criminal defense? Why does your case matter to them? Do they have experience that’s relevant to your case? Do they seem to care?

Get a lawyer that you feel sympathizes with your situation and will fight for the best possible outcome.

7. Flat Fee Structure

Sure, you can’t put a price on top-notch legal representation that earns you a dismissal. But that doesn’t mean that you should go bankrupt paying an attorney’s fees.

Most experienced criminal attorneys charge a flat fee for their services. Sometimes it may sound expensive but understand the attorney is considering all the potential work involved, the difficulty of your case, and other circumstances that impact your situation.

The best criminal attorneys are concerned about your well-being and will clearly explain their fees. Generally, the fees you pay will depend on your case, the lawyer’s qualifications, experience, and the likelihood of extensive investigative work or filing documents with the court.

Keep in mind that many criminal lawyers require 100% upfront payment or a significant portion to get started. Highly qualified criminal lawyers will provide a fee agreement in written form, which works best for all parties.

Flat fees are an incentive for your attorney to do get the best possible results in the shortest amount of time.

Get the Right Conroe Criminal Lawyer for Your Case

When facing criminal charges, it makes sense to get the best legal representation for you. By using the tips we’ve shared in this post, you can find a Conroe criminal lawyer you can count on to defend your rights and earn you an acquittal.

Are you looking for reliable legal services? Please contact us today.

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