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Defense 101: Finding The Best Sex Crime Attorneys For Your Case

The Law Firm of Andrea M. Kolski

Are you facing a sex crime charge? Perhaps you don’t know what to do.

First, find a seasoned defense attorney who is an expert in sex crime cases. Texas law carries harsh penalties for sex crime offenses.

Therefore, look for the the best attorney available. Sex crime defense attorneys have a unique set of skills when dealing with sexual crimes.

Emotions tend to run high in the courtroom when it comes sexual offenses. You need an attorney who can handle the heat and defend you effectively.

This article will help you find the best defense lawyer for your partilar case. Let’s explore.

Experience Level

Avoid hiring a general practice attorney who has little experience in sex crime cases. Find a defense attorney with experience in sex crime.

Above all, the attorney should have a solid track record of winning cases for their clients. When conducting research, read the individual reviews of the clients. Reading reviews will help you get a sense of the lawyer’s record and professionalism.

Moreover, research the attorney’s defense background. Many defense attorneys write publications on sex crimes.

They may also teach classes to law students on the subject. Regardless, determine if the defense attorney is an authority on the subject.

You can also find an experienced attorney based on how much they charge. The attorneys with the most experience charge the more. You may feel the urge to hire an attorney offering the cheapest rate.

Less experienced attorneys are more likely to ruin your case. The gravity of a sex crime charge calls for a competent attorney who can get you a favorable outcome.

A novice attorney can lead to the following consequences:

  • Bad Plea Deal: Newbie attorneys can spoil negotiations with prosecutors, resulting in a longer sentence.
  • Unnecessary Conviction: New attorneys may fail to communicate in the courtroom or fail to highlight key pieces of evidence.

Further, competent attorneys know how to navigate their way through the courtroom. Effective attorneys can clearly articulate your defense in front of a judge or jury.

Experience also matters because seasoned attorneys know the ins and outs of the legal system. They know the tactics prosecutors use to make defendants seem less credible. More than anything, an experienced defense lawyer knows how to refute any claim made from the prosecution.

Assess the Law Firm

It’s important to assess the firm itself. First, determine how many defense cases the firm handles.

How often does the firm handle sex crime charges? A firm that doesn’t handle many sex crime cases may not be the right fit.

Conversely, firms that handle defense cases regularly (sex crimes in particular) typically have more resources to devote to your case. You want a law firm that understands the serious nature of sex crime cases.

Moreover, the size of the firm is important. A large firm will have more manpower and resources to bolster your case. Resources may come in the form of:

A large firm has the necessary resources to conduct an independent investigation. With that, be careful when hiring an attorney from a larger firm.

The practice may prioritize high-paying clients over you. Also, probe into the caseload of the prospective attorney.

Overworked lawyers may not pay attention to your case in detail. You want an attorney who has enough time to handle your case efficiently.

Attorneys from smaller firms are less likely to be overworked. Also, small firms will typically devote more attention to your case.

If you’re keen on a smaller firm, assess the attorney’s team. Do they have a competent team who can work diligently on your behalf? A legal team is a crucial asset in the event of unforeseen obstacles.

However, smaller firms may have fewer resources in terms of buffering your case. Regardless of the firm’s size, ensure that your attorney has the necessary team and resources to handle your case effectively.

The Trust Factor

Have a sit-down with your attorney before proceeding any further. Attorneys are bound by the attorney-client privilege. This means lawyers cannot convey information to other parties without your consent.

Therefore, you’re free to speak freely with your lawyer. You may feel embarrassed due to the charges. Sex crime cases are deeply personal, and sex crime accusations can make defendants feel ashamed.

However, your attorney must know all information so they can craft a viable defense. Your lawyer may not trust you if they feel you’re holding something back. Trust is the most important factor when hiring an attorney.

You must trust your attorney enough to tell the unvarnished truth. If you don’t trust your attorney, find another one immediately. The relationship between client and attorney must remain solid throughout the trial.

Find an attorney who will handle sex crime cases with the sensitivity it deserves. Additionally, you want an attorney who will give you a realistic scenario and will lay out your options going forward.

The Importance of Finding Sex Crime Defense Attorneys

Sex crimes come in many forms: sexual misconduct, rape, sexual assault, child pornography, sex abuse, etc. Sex crime defense attorneys should know the weight of each charge and explain them to you succinctly.

General practice attorneys don’t have the knowledge or skill to navigate the turbulent waters of sex crime trials. Overall, an attorney with experience is more likely to get the charges reduced or cleared.

Have you been falsely accused of a sex crime? Read more on Nonstop Justice to learn about false sex crime charges..

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